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Zhejiang Chuang Lian Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2016 with a registered capital of ten million. Located in the beautiful West Lake, is a professional manufacturing company in Zhejiang province. The company mainly deals with technology development, technical service, technical consultation, achievement transfer, Internet of things technology, data processing technology, industrial automation technology, new energy technology and mechatronics technology.
The company takes "professional, trustworthy, trustworthy" as its central value, has been unanimously affirmed and praised by all sectors of society, and has won excellent business reputation for enterprises.
Zhejiang Chuang Lian Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the needs of users as the center, has gradually established a good brand image in the industry. The company has excellent technical personnel, after years of development and precipitation, the company has now begun to take shape, in sales, after-sales service, material procurement and other business system gradually mature. While creating more value for the users, the company is more committed to providing higher service for different social groups, while updating and importing new products of the brand in time.
"Happiness and prosperity", this is the state of every employee of Zhejiang Zhuang Lian Technology Co., Ltd., as a new starting point every day, full of emotion into the development of the company! We will serve the company with perfect service and excellent products. Create good faith, professional, excellent first-class enterprise!