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What is the development process of the hardware in the loop

What is the development process of the hardware in the loop simulation motor drive control cabinet?
The off-line simulation verification based on Simulink. In this stage, a non real time image method is used to verify the algorithm developed initially. However, there are some problems after the verification of this stage, such as the simulation is too idealized and disjointed with the actual system, and the non real time simulation can not simulate the operation mode of the real controller.
Rapid prototyping verification algorithm. The algorithm built by Simulink is compiled and downloaded directly into the real-time system. Using this powerful rapid prototyping device, the algorithm is further verified in the real-time environment to ensure the effectiveness of the algorithm.
The verified control algorithm is transformed into embedded C/C++ by using Simulink Embedded Coder or TargetLink software.
The embedded C/C++ is combined with the bottom driver of the self-made controller to become the final program and integrated with the developed hardware controller.
The controller completes the following tests through hardware in the loop simulation and real system testing.

The whole development process follows the typical V process recommended by MathWorks company. The use of the above process in the process of using this product will greatly improve the efficiency of the research and development of the motor ontology or control algorithm. If University researchers use this product for academic research, it is generally only required to carry out the development process of the first two steps. Compared with the traditional research model, it can quickly transform the idea into a model, quickly carry out the physical experiment, and avoid the compilation of the embedded code, the hardware of the controller, the construction of the experimental platform. Trouble.